Other Services we offer

Full Grooming Session and/or Hydrobath, Nail Clipping & Doggy Day Care, appointments necessary.
Agents for Jetpets.



  • Your pet is bored & chewing things in your home

  • Do you work full time & don’t want to leave your pet alone for 5 days a week

  • Your pet is over active

  • Your pet suffers from separation anxiety

  • Are you renovating your home & don’t want your pet walking in paint, concrete or to bother the workers

  • Doggy Day care is an excellent way to socialize your pet

  • It provides a full day of exercise & is mentally stimulating 

So why not call the friendly Staff at Pinecrest to discuss your pet’s needs for Doggy Day Care or a Grooming session. We also cater for alternate pets, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Birds etc.Inspections are welcome by appointment or during hours.