SpecialiSing in Doggy Day Care

Pinecrest is a family-run business offering professional care and attention for your family pets. Our aim is to care for your pet in a safe, hygienic and happy environment in pleasant rural settings & surrounds.

As well as our Doggy Day Care facilities, we offer personalized grooming for your much loved pets( bookings essential) school holidays are over & everyone is back to work or maybe having maintenance work done or alternatley your puppy or dog left home alone, why not book into Doggy Day Care to break up the week.

Doggy Day care will require a booking

So why not call the friendly Staff at Pinecrest to discuss your pet’s needs for Doggy Day Care.

Inspections are welcome by appointment or during hours.

A typical day at Doggy Day Care

7.30am to 8.30am
Happy dogs begin to arrive, settle in familiarise with surroundings before a full day of play & fun

New day care dogs are assessed & introduced to their new friends as to compatibility, after everyone is introduced to each other & become settled, old friendships will be renewed & new mates found

Gentle exercise & games, quiet walk & hide n seek

Play time, exercise & games, such as throw ball, tug o’war, chase, & socialising with friends

Slower activities & gentle walks around the play area or time to laze around in our secure outdoor yards in our pleasant rural settings watching the birds or a splash & paddle in a pool weather permitting (summertime)

Quiet time with a treat, or if your pet is booked in for a grooming session to be refreshed & ready for when Mum or Dad come to take home

Some are ready to go again, play groups are evaluated & for some dogs exercise recommence once again while others need a gentle wake up or more snooze time.

4.30pm to 6.00pm
Pick- ups begin with sad farewells until next time.